Sunday, June 29, 2014

Re-Introducing the Science in DC Blog

Welcome to the brand new Science in DC blog!  Much improved for your reading pleasure.

Science in DC encourages people to explore all the science and technology opportunities the DMV (DC-Maryland-Virginia) area has to offer.  While most people are familiar with the Smithsonian museums, there are many other large and small centers with world-class exhibits.  The National Geographic Museum takes you to the intersection of discovery and science.  The National Arboretum and Botanic Centers let you soak in the beauty and abundance of nature.  The Koshland Museum offers materials from the National Academy of Sciences.  And that's still just scratching the surface.

Science in DC loves a great museum, but there is so much more too.  As a center of political debate DC attracts a wide range of world-class speakers to the area.   So not only can you learn about cutting-edge discoveries here, but you can learn it from the discoverers themselves.  Add to this the wide variety of sciences of interest in DC (from medicine and geology to astronomy and physics), and each year this city has a speaking roster that is second to none.

All reasons this city needs the Science in DC blog.  But we have undergone some changes from the initial version. and that site's previous look-and-feel.  While I've tried to maintain many of the good aspects of that site, I've also tried to considerably upgrade the functionality and tie it closer to the existing OpenScientist blog.  Hopefully this will not only ease the posting process and encourage more frequent updates, but also highlight the citizen science opportunities in our area.  So you can not only learn about science and see it in action, but you can participate as well.  All three legs of the science participation stool!

Washington, DC is truly a great city for science.  Won't you join me in discovering it all?